Saturday, January 28, 2012

A New Leaf

It dawned on me today that I can't remember what Bridget's first word was. I know when she started walking, how she used to crawl, what foods she loved, how she's always been a great sleeper. I know that she has loved books since before she could talk, that she has always loved music. But I can't remember her first words.

It seems that Bridget has suffered from typical second-child syndrome. The poor girl's baby book is mostly empty. On top of that, when Louisa was a baby I used to blog so much more that I have the online record of many of her early accomplishments and adventures, too.

So I am going to try to make an effort to record more about Bridget. I intend to go back and fill in as much of her baby book as I can. And I hope to record more of her funny moments and big leaps here, too.

Like this: so potty training is going slowly with Bridget. I am convinced that she could, at any moment, make her mind up that she is ready to be done with diapers and that would be it. But the child is stubborn. So the other day, Bridget required a change of pants right before dinner. Because she was going to get in the bath right afterward, I put a diaper on her and decided not to put any pants on her. (Keeping is classy, right?) Minutes later, Louisa came in claiming that Bridget had pooped. I went to find Bridget and I asked her, "Bridget, do you have poop in your pants?" Bridget looked up at me, shrugged her shoulders, and simply said, "But I'm not WEARIN' any pants!"


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