Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mystery: Solved

It turns out that for the past month, my watch has been hiding in the sleeve of the jacket that I keep on the back of my chair in my office. Today, after getting caught in the rain on the way to lunch, I put my jacket on and - kerplunk - there was my watch, lying on the floor. I don't entirely understand how it's been stuck in there all this time, but I'm really happy to see it again. I had been so sure it would turn up when the painters started pushing furniture around at home, and then it didn't and I thought maybe I had really lost it.

Speaking of painters, you know what is kind of a giant pain in the rear? Getting your whole house painted. And actually we aren't even doing the whole thing. But all of the first floor aside from the kitchen has been out of commission since last Wednesday and it feels like this project has been going on forever.

It's looking really good (pictures to follow, one of these days) and they are making great progress. But they show up promptly at 7am each day (except Sunday) and start working, and there are fumes and dust and we have to lock the cats up out of the way and remind the girls over and over and over again not to touch anything and to stay out of their way. (Every single morning, the girls go downstairs first thing so that Louisa can say "Hola!" to the painters - practicing her Spanish, you know - and Bridget can say "What your name? Are you paintin' our house? What you doin' with that? Why you doin' that? Are you paintin' that? What your name? Hola!" until one of us ushers her away.)

Anyway, more on the painting later, at this point I just wanted to say: I found my watch, YAY!!